60 SECOND CIGAR REVIEW - Oba Oba by Perdomo - Should I Smoke This?


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I insomniac should i smoke this drastic spit spastic football player straight plastic meanwhile I got straight plastic Fenella sweet spice and a little bit of floral sweetness I tend to be the source of the horror vanilla cream and a natural tobacco sweetness beginning of the cigar pretty good smoke output I getting hay in a nutty flavor we will kick your fucking nuts down your throat some dried oak on the finish to the first third good even burn flavors pretty much a dried wood and paper the aromas got a nice mild spice to it beginning in a final third good solid ash still at dried wooden paper with some leather and black pepper joining the profile now so should you smoke this wait for it it on the best cigar I ever had but if you looking for a decent quick cheap smoke for say a lunch break or a quick drive to the store so might be the one for you so yes