Papilo Peak Milk Throwback Advert Review


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Music hey guys welcome to another ad review series brought to you by information Nigeria and the VMP Allen guys I here to tell you what in and what not in the adverts second okay now let go check out this peak milk true back at was EE or name one day I will show you will make us proud from generation to generation plink has been ordered the strength or dreams of Nigerians put your trust in place to grow a future for you and your family guys yes this ad is really really cool tell me this yeah it cool popular all right I talked about the script this script is trying to save milk at its peak and it taking it from generations to generations because six years later we could see the time capsule way back to when he was younger kind of one who has main focal point here it was really cool I loved every part of his act as an equality well let still talk about that now there about the popularity of this ad papi knew I knew C one D what the mother was trying to say here the emotions that