System of Trust: the new z14 platform for enriched data protection


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hi my name is Ashok ready I am the general manager for the mainframe solutions in CA Technologies I here today I very pleased to have a Barry Baker a vice president for offering management for the IBM Z and Linux one today I think we are gonna be talking about the new Z which is being launched it has generated a lot of interest with our customers and everyone wants to know what are we doing in terms of the collaborating with IBM and with CA one of the things I very pleased to announce is CA is going to be announcing day 1 support for all our solutions on the new Z so with that very welcome and I want to hear from you what the latest and greatest on the new Z and what are you hear from customers great so thanks for sure thanks for having me here and also really really thank you for the day one support that a major announcement for the ecosystem for the platform so thank you and congratulations on that you know from our perspective not many days go by where we don see a data breach in the news