Natural Glam: Faux Freckles


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hey beauties welcome back to my channel today I created this fo a freckle kind of soft glam look this is the eye I been kind of going to a lot lately I wore this eye in one of my last videos different lashes but I wore this eye and I kind of just want to create something fun and I wore these faux freckles to work like a week or so ago and everyone was like your skin sempre my girl is is so fake but hey it works I used just two pencils to do my freckles now if you wanted to use something like on estancia dip brow and kind of mix it with either a fix plus order line from Inglot you could totally do that or even a cool toned eyeliner that is just not too dark you totally use whatever you want so I just like to use the cooler a sheer tones but the pencils work well for me so that just what I did anywho if you like to see how I created this look just keep watching so the very first thing is I starting out with my foundation and concealer