1999 Arctic Cat Panther 440


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hey guys here we got 1999 already cat Panther 440 this was actually my uncle but he lost those driving everything and he keeps it at my place so um he just bought this a summer um an old lady actually had it and she didn like someone Beale unless she the kind of one one time things I think her husband bought her one and she didn like it probably too cold for but so it was it was a grandmother sled so pretty easy on it too then it has a 440 Suzuki engine I just like cleaned out the carbs uh over the weekend they were pretty gross missing one while idle worth crap so this does have electric start and reverse I think the solenoid stuck because yeah I can I turn it over and nothing you don even hear anything no clicks or anything so solenoids probably shot and it sat outside I think there a wasp nests under there it a actually pretty excellent meal it not as fast as my Indy 500 but I thought it rides nice though and gets this it only has 512 miles I had a 476 when we