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one thing malli Legends does nail is the unique risk and reward appeal of the sport it just you and your car against the clock and the elements but you still up against it every overshot corner Clips tree and poorly thought out car setup means extra seconds on the clock the results of those mistakes accumulate and follow you throughout several stages on the one hand this grants you the ability to quite literally make up for lost time but it also means you can compound your mistakes with even more mistakes the game demands a basic level of competency and consistency rather than outrageous flashes of brilliance but the problem the game can escape is it doesn give you the tools to do so unfortunately the racing in many legends simply doesn feel right there a floaty disconnected sensation to the car handling that at times makes you feel like you steering a boat rather than a car the camera angles don help either by default the camera locks straight behind the car which is really disconcerting when you enter a corner the other angle locks the camera slightly to the side which is just weird it doesn