1972 Ford Ranchero 500


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such a today I will be showing you my truck and here it is there a 1972 ford ranchero 500 it been my family most of its life it still in pretty good shape should post apart I have to find a fir tree know and I been rebuilding it since I had it which is almost two years now the inside is still kinda i working on dash amazingly all little dials and dashes work with all the lights work even the fireworks i have fixed the driver side seat which is electric and I can hear that yeah i still working a few things like the horn man made all i also need to replace that side near here this is a 351 windsor crate engine it came with it it has it makes about 420 horsepower it has a recent cam lifters its car buried it has a 650 CFM Edelbrock this Excel plugs and wires it has an MSD ignition system my cousin had it put in noticing there as you can see I have the wing nut I am so looking forward brand new battery I gonna meant old great engine horrible gas mileage I