New IQBuds Boost Review


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so these earbuds from New Era the original IQ buds about I guess by a year ago I did it sort of of curiosity to see whether or not the product would help my hearing and at the same time be able to take away the noise of the environment so if I was in a restaurant or if I was just sitting around with a bunch of friends and there I am being noise in the background I wanted to sort of get rid of I was trying this so anyways after I guess almost a year of using him I can tell you that it actually you know we actually pretty good I used them quite a bit there were some things which impressed me and then some things I simply didn the things that didn impress me at the time were things such as sort of a hollowness echoing of noise your own voice with sound as if you in a chamber or at the same time other people voices would sound as if they were high pitched but you know at the same time I did see the value in it it seemed quite interesting to