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sustainable babyish fitted contrast diaper or the slim fitted contrast diaper have earned the nickname the magic diapers in the cloth diapering circle and the reason for this is they offer incredible absorbency power now fitted diapers are not waterproof they do need a diaper cover to be placed on top of them the slim fitted diapers are made of a bamboo fleece now bamboo can be spun in a variety of different formats and bamboo fleece happens to be the most absorbent level of bamboo fiber possible showing it here in size small and size medium let take a look inside and see what it looks like you can see that it features a snap closure system and then on the inside lots of layers of super absorbent bamboo fleece there are two layers that are sewing in and to ease drawing times you can actually snap this in and out so that it nice easy to separate all the pieces out to get them to dry quickly and every diaper on top of that comes with an additional booster if you have a little boy you may want to add an extra little punch up front or you