R.A. the Rugged Man Bloopers & Deleted Scenes "A Star is Born" video shoot


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I need to move this yes it great taking great i like i like when uh when the crowd starts goin you know you like and I gonna back yeah and you know the punching was great yeah and I like you know almost like abandoning them and just playing to the camera like you just rapping to the camera after they start feeling yeah cool I don have no dialogue give me a line say mommy go huh couple more I wish it was my sister Brittany well you do you do it tell you just amazing no it breathing I ready ready yeah alright start throwing shit click them off bari flick them off throw shit bro shit fish give them the finger re in the finger all right don want yourself what do you think we should think about wearing makeup take a little bit run DMC oh come on he looks a little bit like it a sonic to me this is iconic man you can rip walkera karachi no kidding me Judas walk in just the Dorchester living came to later I wanna eat this fucking tape so upset him it not just say acne