OUR FIRST SHOW! Chocolate Bar Candy Maker Review - Jan 30 2016


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and today we are yes so cute they were doing chocolate bar maker um just let you know before you buddy said it has no chocolate and fillings included so we got our chocolate covered semi sweet morsels and because Jesus so this set comes with an instruction sheet some packaging for it some nice it will chocolate wrapper some tasks and tell you who looks for unix Bob so little things to put these good things to put some of your chocolate in the rivers they can get click and put the chocolate out like that um okay these days they weird but you see um we show you well there this there a few of these little things here they have hearts and says love this one is like a chocolate bar this one looks like a chef bar and this one has a star so you put these in this one so I can make it mold and it also comes with a chocolate for our maker things is to squeeze your chocolate out of and it comes with another top to squeeze it these are little tiny molds I think you put it in here yes