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hey it free dia and Everest here and today I got a question on my Instagram asking if I can give her tips and advice on traveling with a baby if you follow me on snapchat or on Instagram then you would know that we just came back from our first trip to the east coast we went to North Carolina and in our first airplane flight five hours and you know what it went pretty well first things first before you get on any flight I would suggest you call that airline and ask how they do everything if you can take your stroller up to the gate if there a weight thing how many bags because apparently every airline is different we took American Airlines and we were able to bring our car seat and stroller all the way up to the gate check that in and we just brought the baby baby was able to bring an extra bag for him and one carry on for the both of us one thing about american airlines that was not so great there actually a few but one of the main things you aren able to board the flight