Jimmy Page reveals Supro amp


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throughout the years of their deputy recordings is a lot of speculation exactly what super album are used on the undead Zeppelin one and consequently other recordings with Led Zeppelin all this speculation about the super rapid fire was a base to Thunderchief or something to that nature is absolutely rubbish morale actually was a Corsica it was it was in the studio it was something at the hand and thought it sounded very spectacular and that what driven sound just took it all the way up and I would say this is part of the album who made us album 68 so this was probably about a 65 or 66 model anyway I mean the proof is is when he when he actually go to the chords from like the first song good times bad times and obviously it sounds just like the first rapper if you tell not the leave it up a little bit and quickly switch up to the treble picker you get this understand boys you just definitely tell us a sound Oh and