DiMarzio Evolution vs Gravity Storm Pick Up's


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okay what we going to be doing today is a little pickup comparison we going to be going with these DiMarzio evolutions which have been the stock staple and every gem that I know of and the newer gravity storms now I not going to be using a pod or a bunch of paddles and a bunch of effects this way you really get to hear the real sound of the pickup now the only thing we be using is this here sub decay liquid sunshine it an overdrive pedal just so you can see how it sounds with some grind on it other than that we going straight into this Marshall Blues breaker it doesn get any more simple than that now right now I yakking away my iPhone of course but for the actual recording of the video itself really using this Tascam thing we here so enough of me yakking away let see how the sound kick this off bridge pickup only you all right now with the gravity storm bridge Olli you okay back with the gem neck pickup Olli okay gravity storm neck pickup only all right back with the gem and the evolution in