Hydroxyzine *Xanax Alternative* Is it working Review


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hi guys okay so today video I am going to talk about a pill that I been wanting to try to get for a while now alternative for xanax I talked about this in another video and I finally ended up getting it I got it November 5th and today 1615 um so I had it for a while now and I been waiting to try this pill for like a month or months I should say it an alternative for Xanax and I had talked about this in my video I think when I was trying to get off xanax and I just like 40 days off of it Anna it supposed to be to take for anxiety I guess panic attacks it is called hydroxyzine um I hoping I say that why that right hydr Oh X Y Z I E and I will put it here but it is called hydroxyzine and it is an antihistamine and I have read about this from a lot of people for that it kind of had the same effect because Suzy annex is like a sedative tranquilizer type thing it calms you down and I talked about this in my