Making & Cutting Sex on The Beach for BeScented Fragrance Oil Supply


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hi guys Jin here for my incense and such and B Symphony we aren Isis in fragrance and it is called sex on the beach YUM and I also gonna be trying out some new Micah that we gonna hopefully be selling depends on how they do my recipe will be in the description box below what I using and Westmont cream blended up my oats and clay get the last solution spring that and it cut the bamboo silky Anna enters and I want this one I going to be trying three different colors you want to try a dark purple a violent and an apple green so we see that if the fragrance allows us I sure what that was but it gone all right it better fragrance and and hope it does well which sex on the beach is a mixed drink and it fruity peachy smells absolutely fabulous I don see any rising okay get this foot off and the three so we can put our colors in come on bottles are a little wet it no big deal so far so good and it smells awesome that all right we start out with our apple