Ninety7 Vaux : Best Speaker for Echo Dot


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well welcome back YouTube fat cat collections back at you with another product review and this one is going to be another smart home slash smart tech product and I really excited to share so you guys now I already uploaded a video of this product the other day and I just wanted to come back to this product and review it again and just kind of touch base you guys because what I like to doing like these products is to you know come back to them after I used them a little bit I always do the initial you know first impression videos and I want the upload another one real quick I just did a review comments go on the ninety seven of the loft by ninety seven it a fantastic product for the Google homes and I wanted to come back to this one here and this is also another product by the company 97 and this one here is made for the echo dot now if you familiar with the Amazon echoes they basically come in I believe three different sizes you have your your full size version which I believe is close to 200