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hates it from big dudes here we going to talk a little bit today about the new k series from qsz we have a couple of them behind me here we going to take a look at them you got four models to choose from you got an 8 inch a 10 inch of 12 inch and a dual 12 sub they all have the same thousand watt amplifier cabinet the top sepa conical horn dispersion and each cabinet the 8 10 and the 12 all have different varying degrees of dispersion depending on the box and depending on what you using before you might choose any one of those three applications they all have an adjustable 7 5 degree pole angle underneath little thing in turn will be able to angle it down in case you trying to cover a little different pattern so they very adaptable and they sound like a million bucks they also have a locking power cable on the back so you can just trip over it and pull it out alright now we going to talk about the vop bucket of power we going to go over all the feature sets on the back