Carbon oxide detector


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the detector of carbon monoxide model 7701 belongs to the category of devices used to prevent dangerous situations as well as to prevent health hazards due to the excessive carbon monoxide levels in the atmosphere the carbon monoxide is releasing to the atmosphere with any type of burning in cities it is released mainly with the exhaust gases from the cars the carbon monoxide binds actively with hemoglobin and blocks the transfer of oxygen to the body cells which can lead to heavy consequences to human organism the detector of carbon monoxide is used in rooms equipped with the open fire heating system these are stoves gas and liquid fuel heaters and so on the flows within the design of such equipment and also within the systems of ventilations of houses where they are used can greatly increase the content of carbon monoxide up to intolerable levels dangerous to human life and health this device can be also used by car drivers the concentration of carbon monoxide is measured in millions shares or shortly PBMs in the air it must not be more than 20 30 ppm s the concentration about 50 ppm is considered dangerous for human health and