Taj Jordan: Don't Call It A Comeback ! feat. KSpade (Ep.3) NCAA 14 RTG


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in case you missed the first two episodes of the series click the annotation boxes that you see on your screen right now links will be in the description as well enjoy life vataj Godin during his senior year couldn have been any better he his teammates and coaches have taken a program that let be honest for the last 20 years have been the stepping stone for the other teams in the Oakland Athletics league however Jordan and company have managed to pull off an impressive string of victories each week we win after win after win Taj has climbed this way on to the national spotlight and on the radar of most major colleges in the country Tasha Jordan has been touted the number 15 best running back in the nation by ESPNU it seems that nothing the kid does could go wrong how could it welcome back ladies and gentleman to another exciting edition of Friday Night Lights here on the blue chip Nation Network I am mr HD dream with that kit we have the Oakland Athletics week conference championship underway as the skyline Tigers take on the council my nights in Oakland California Council night