Part 9: Hooded Eyelid Surgery | Blepharoplasty | 8mo Post-op | Botox Injections /8 Month Post-op /


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everyone is Scottish Lily and welcome back to my channel honestly I think this might be my last video until this Botox okay so I went for my eighth month eyelid surgery post op appointment and I went a little early I went at the beginning of December which I should have went on the 27th which is today actually because this is my actual eighth month today my surgery was on April 27 2015 so I am eight months post op so I went in and the purpose of going was to give another steroid injection into the scar and to inquire about this little bump I have a little bump that appears right over my eyelid and it kind of hard and I been doing everything to try to make it go away I still use my scar treatment gel at night let see if you can see this this is what I use it supposed to be the best scar treatment gel on the market and it like forty dollars and all you need it just a little tiny dab and it supposed to keep your scar tissue soft and keep it from wanting to form new