GT6 : SuperSports Ep.47 - Audi R8 5.2 V10


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hi guys and welcome to episode 47 of super sports the review series for Gran Turismo selection of exotic super sports cars as the name suggests vehicles which are between sports car and full on supercar and some of these arguably run the line between the two and not just in the way of supercars some actually run the line fairly close to sports car or super sports others run the line closer to being Super Sport super cars and as with most things on the internet there is of course a difference of opinion and certain people think so the cars are in different categories that fair enough for the sake of this series I including this car as a Super Sport rather than a supercar although an argument can be made for both now the car is the Audi r8 and we already of course featured the 4 2 liter v8 version which is my personal favorite version of the car and now we featuring what is by far the more popular choice actually one of the most popular exotics in the game the 5 2 liter v10 version now this car share as much of its mechanical