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Music hey everybody so welcome back to another tutorial and today we gonna be restyling sable thorns hair so um her resound is gonna be pretty straightforward because if you can see that her hairstyle have a cohesion between all mediums like the little color fringe is gonna be a loose curl just hanging on the front and the rest of her ponytail is just gonna be some wavy curls so you gonna need a brush or comb a big bowl and a slightly smaller bowl for the hot water a normal hair conditioner of any sort a spring bottle a pair of scissors and of course lots of bobby pins in several different size straws Music and as usual the first step to any resale is to give the dolls here a nice brushing before you wash her hair then give her hair a nice brush through and she ready to go all right so now the next step is going to be while washing her hair and since I have done that so many times in my previous video so I just gonna link you guys to a earlier video where I did a tutorial in detail for