Airborne Australia, Airborne XT, weight shift light sport aircraft trike.


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yeah the trike has officially referred to as a weight shift control vehicle and that because you literally shift your weight relative to the wing to fly these things now I happen to have a lot of time in trikes and I love the way they fly there a lot of pilots who go well isn it reversed you say you push forward and that slows you down and you pull back and that speed you up isn that kind of backwards then the truth of it is you have to think about where you are you are the stick in these kind of airplanes if you push back that means you moving your weight to the rear of the airplane that means the nose is gonna come up that gonna slow you down if you pull forward it means you moving your weight forward if you pull the bar back it moves your weight forward so it like pushing the stick forward it sounds counterintuitive but it actually very simple you know what that the whole control push forward pull back go right go left and that part just the way you expect push it to the right you