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but that YouTube just want to tell you real quick about celadon trucking training program just some pitfalls one of the pitfalls I ran into if you go out with a trainer from celadon and you want to be real careful with your personal belongings I went through quality there school it great but when I went through their training program with the trainer my first trainer I became sit on the truck and I had to go to the emergency room so what they ended up doing was they sent me to uh after that I went to the emergency room I call the ambulance and they went along back on the truck that how I was sick he can get back on the truck understood but they send my things back to Indiana they sent me home to North Carolina and I was there for two week while I was there for a week forgot was another trainer finished up came out in Indiana so my thing had been in Indiana about two weeks so when I get back I figured out that my tablet with all my a person without my credit information is missing so I