Blount vs Park Crossing 6A


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Hasn't been this deep in the postseason since 1998 when the lipids went back to back titles. Park Crossing is the new kid on the block and looks to get the record perfect for the win on the home field of Cramton Bowl. The Thunderbirds and leopards do On Raycom. We are in the capital city Cramton Bowl for 6A quarterfinal The leopards up Blount and the Thunderbirds of Park Crossing. Hi, everybody. I'm Graham Dunn. The six in the corner final action, this is what a lovely gets tough. You don't play any bad teams when you get -- >> They're no bad teams left anywhere the state. We've got 7A semi finals tonight Is good football from here on out. That's about 30 games going on across the state tonight. I don't think that we will find a more prolific duo of quarterbacks in this one. No doubt. These two guys coming in, they're eerily similar when you look at the numbers. The Florida commit, and 2400 2400 yards . Twenty-six touchdowns, only nine He's got 786 yards rushing on that year and several more touchdowns in that category.