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okay so take two I doing this again this is a book review for the black toad by jomega ray it called the black toad west country witchcraft and magic and okay so once again really impressed with this book very very impressed I like the illustrations in there I like the way can I just I can stress this enough as well I like the way that she stresses the fact that you know magic back in the day wouldn have been pagan and you know the majority of the why the fellas clients would have been Christian so the pella would use Christianity and would use Psalms and the Holy Trinity and various verses from the Bible in certain charms and certain spells and I like that because i think is very sad that there are you know books on traditional magic that will say oh yes this is very very traditional and then in corporate paid and got into it i don i think that very very sad because that not fully traditional magic you know it not being true to traditional magic the traditional magic used in here is true you know they they not afraid