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Music hi I not from pubs in fact joining me for another video beer review this time got a bottle beer of five bowel project from black sheep is there wild berry sour free pipes at maybe visas on the side what it actually is so is a hibiscus wild berry kettle sour so big faxing geyser brewery sent me this to take a look at I really curious about what this is gonna be so once again set a small cow a little pilot operation five Barrel kit and a black sheep the bigger kind of like production brewery great colorist pod been the glass I mean if you ever ever been with hibiscus I mean the often like a your beer sour beers and they give that you that fantastic red color mean it looks like a glass of tiser if you have a certain age maybe maybe a rose a slightly pinkish head that great looks like it you expect that not skew it as well sniff check out the aroma oh that lovely that exactly what you hope for I mean for me the beers that have hibiscus bring out kind of like a plum jam