#1134 - Antec ISK 300-150 Mini-ITX Case Video Review


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hello again I Rodney Reynolds and welcome to another video review today I looking at the antic ISK 300 150 mini ITX case what included is a product overview and remember you can download an techs manuals from an techcom slash manuals they include a stand if you want to orientate the case vertically like so they also include four rubber feet if you choose not to use the stand and orientate the case horizontally they also include lots of cable ties some organizers for the cables also screws a power cord and the motherboards i o shield plate this is a very small case it a mini ITX case it all black it comprised of steel and plastic also mesh and it only available currently in a black color at the front there one five and a quarter inch drive bay for a slim five and a quarter inch drive at the front there is one external serial ata port two USB ports a headphone jack microphone jack reset button power LED and the power switch there lots of honeycomb ventilation on the left side as well as the right side and the top note the 80 millimeter tri