ROBIN HOOD Men In Tights Review


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hey guys what up today I will be reviewing robin hood men in tights email box fell on the front we have a to the sheriff of gothingham my manhood I Maid Marian there we go sorry long pause and Prince John and it got a great cast and then we leave the rabbi of course down here and King were truth and this is a but take about brown good but in a whole county since count economy way around hoods and it portrayed real well with the actors and it just a fine movie nonetheless if you can find it go and buy it it worth the money well alright but so that the is your basic probably a movie but in a comedian way and it done by Mel Brooks who you don know as done young frankenstein and you should look that up but look up the young frankenstein by mel brooks and then find all the movies he done there are ton he is done so um here it is the disc yep entire merry men there let straight of course it do you get the job so we have carry on carry l Wes