How to Make an Outdoor Stereo Using a Car Radio


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yeah okay I going to be making a portable outdoor radio and in this case what I going to be doing is setting this up so I been connected to my outdoor patio speakers basically what I going to use is this plastic container and I bought a Walmart for a battery it a car battery container now the power supply 12 volt power supply from old discarded computer case and the little car radio actually this is new that I never used I had it for a car that ended up selling so I have this laying around and you need some electrical tape pliers wire stripper a little bit of soldering and that about it so since the last time what I done is I cut out a hole here on the side of this plastic box to insert the casing for my head unit for stereo on the inside I basically just cut piece of 2x4 just to give it a little bit of support in the bottom you could probably do some brackets or something like that but I really didn want to put any holes on the side because I wanted to keep this as