Frye - West Ring Driver SKU:#8134047


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hi there I Andrew here to show you West ring driver from fri very nice driver style shoe from fri it does of course have the wonderful quality leather up here that you can expect from fri you do have some very nice contrast stitching throughout especially in the moc toe and a very nice vamp strap here with a ring on the side for a nice classy subtle touch now it is very easy to slip in and out of here there plenty of room to do so can you even have some pho 360 lacing along here for just a nice little touch you do have a wonderful lining and a leather covered footbed here as well that happens to be removable you can see all that wonderful foam in there to keep you very very comfortable throughout the day now you do have a driver heel back here with some rubber panels that continued throughout the outsole with nice texture there as well and they are very flexible some pretty fantastic quality driving shoes right here it from fri you can expect anything less check these ones out