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[Music] thank this some bull Democrats gonna go out here and shoot us up and then want to lecture us about gun control I have an idea for you let's ban democrats from getting firearms i mean most of you lunatics aren't mentally stable anyway i got a background check for you who did you vote for let's face it if you voted for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders you already fall under mentally he'll if you trigger by expressive thought and scream microaggression you definitely don't need a gun if everyone you disagree with is a Nazi you don't need a gun if you say things like you're a white male I'll actually be in white yourself you don't need a gun matter of fact the list of Democrats that have actually pulled off domestic terrorist activity is rather impressive but instead of actually acknowledging the problem let's blame it on the NRA and all these rednecks after all all white people are terrorists and all Trump supporters deserve to be six feet under right now because thinking like that is truly logical and these are the people that want to take your guns away from instead of worrying about what's good for all of America how about you get your own people in check because after all if we could get Democrats to stop shooting people then our crime rate would possibly dropped by 90% well good morning I hope you're doing okay this morning it's been a rough few weeks in our community here of a Yuba County and I want to just say to start off my condolences to those in the Cascade fire and on up the hill into Nevada County and that fire I can't remember that the name of it but our condolences to those that have lost animals and loved ones and houses and barns and property and just horrible and we want to say Santos wiki man and I want to express our condolences and our sorrow for your loss and if there's something we can do you think for you dial us on up today you can call us at 742 55555 three zero we're going to be talking to some about the fire relief today not the whole show won't be about that but we certainly want to be a conduit of information for Yuba County information services that are really gearing up are moving forward today and will continue over the next week or so to enable those that are victims of the fire to connect with resources that can make it easier to start over early this morning I was well let me just stop finish a couple things and get them out of the way if you wondered what you're listening to today you're gonna listen to the truth there's a guy named Soren Kierkegaard who was a philosopher that I studied a little bit in college but my brain was still partly mush back then I hadn't fully formed so things like philosophy didn't really set well with me at that time it was just kind of a blur but he said this he said there are two ways to be fooled one is to believe what isn't true and the other is to refuse to accept what is true so we're gonna work at some truth today I'm talking about a local area this is the Patriot if you wondered km YC 14 10 a.