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hi everybody I Kristi formal arrive here in natural and this video is to go over how to use the products so we going to start with the trio so putting them in order here this is the cleanser freshener and moisturizer so this is going to be the start of all the products and we go through some of the other products I have sitting here as well so starting with the cleanser so this trio is for combination skin which is what I use so there gonna be this color and then there a pink one for normal to dry skin so this is the deep pore cleanser so all you going to use is about the size of like a little bigger than a pea so I don know if you can see how much is on there that actually probably too much because they kind of squirt it out on me but you gonna run your fingers underwater and you gonna mix it together and then massage it over your face and this will take off your eye makeup and it safe and gentle around your eyes so you don need to worry about it getting