Auto Focus | Car Review: Peugeot 308 GT Line 2017


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can one have fun in a humble hatchback well the folks of usual believe that you can after driving a gas powered 308 last year we were impressed with blend of comfort and its athletic abilities well that was a brief test it time for visual 308 to take on its toughest challenge it real world driving through there may be a relatively small player in the market but they are definitely not holding back when it comes to their product lineup with a mix of French Nick stylish designs and a premium feel cruiser cars bridge the gap between the mainstream and luxury cars this is fully embodied and the 3 0 attach bag let start with a look by French standards the 3 0 H is on the conservative side unlike the sporty looking five zero zero eight and three zero zero eight the free zero eight design sets it firmly as a hatchback but that doesn mean it boring it still a handsome looking car with a substitute headlights settled law decreases and the unique taillight arrangement it gives is a 3 08 and colossal is that somehow retains its Galax arms also they had light and