TRASH FIRE | 2016 | Theatrical Trailer HD - Adrien Grenier and AnnaLynne McCord


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for as long as I can remember I been waiting for my parents to die and there they were dead Florence Florence I pouring my guts out and you fall asleep I did how does that make you feel your God thank you for this time with my lovely sister in her off again on again boyfriend you really should look into making an honest woman out of her I not taking relationship advice from a beige earthworm open the door I told myself for the longest time you were actually gonna grow up hate your guts yeah what else is new pregnant Isabel I want to have this baby if we gonna have a family of our own I like to see you reconnect with the one you got you don know what you asking after my parents died my sister escaped with third degree burns on over eighty percent of her body and who have we here this is Isabeau my girlfriend Emma worst pearl she takes her meals in her room why that because I find it hard to hold my food town by looking at her serve the Lord with fear gift goat yeah but what