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hey everybody Crisco here doing another review for CT FX cinema movie numba to shutter island whoo right from the beginning I want to say I enjoyed this movie but it not one that I would watch more than three times first time watches me was great I had no idea what to expect it had me guess until the very end there is no way of me predicting how it would turn out oh and spoiler alert which if he hadn seen this movie yet why I mean it been out for a little over a year now like many of you the first time I saw the trailer first movie I thought it was taking on a horror genre however I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was a very well done psychological thriller now what the difference between horror movie and psychological thriller horseman just to scare you there no real substance half the time psychological thriller as stuff that can scare you but it really makes you think for a good half of the movie I was distracted not as interactive are things but distracted by the plot I played into what the director