Mustang GT Review - Ethan The Car Kid, Ep. 3


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Music hey guys Ethan coy at the car kid here and behind me is a new Ford Mustang GT Convertible we going to take you on a road trip have some fun and show you guys this cool car come along for the ride I run shotgun my gods right already the first impressions on me mm teen Ford Mustang and keep well number one let start with the ride it rides pretty good because we got these nice coated leather Ram black seats that are very nice that are heated and cooled so that makes the ride a lot better also you can see from the high beams this is big thing right here that that I don really like it kind of in the way sometimes but I like I was in since 1962 on a Mustang plus I been noticing the interior lights on the door handles well and folders we have a lot of speakers around here we got speakers there speaker here and speaker there and a very pretty big one in the back it was also I was got on the driver side also give me some then here we have in the middle