World of Warcraft Gameplay Part 46 - Ashes to Ashes - WoW Let's Play Series


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get I gained game earlier Danny how you going back in the world of warcraft and we got a lot of quests to pick up still go chat to the quartermaster you may now make use of the krom stockpile table you done for a small fee I will show you a momentum battle useful for crushing your enemies the availability of what I showed up ends up untold rank in the army visit my shop whenever you were in a new rack locked all gah what he sell what he is selling over 26 boots level 26 boots with more agility though so he a mistake if I got sergeant mich boots what the difference between a 13 hour five agility six stamina five six three is no difference at all maybe it just a look which do I prefer cuz he both male right yeah I go with the male yes the the chain boots right so get that 3 I got to be more agility I don get 3 credit the strike sounds good to me Music clarissa what happening mr d is sick mister would you help him all you have to do is find his