Porsche Chassis Technologies: PTV Plus, Sport Chrono and PDCC


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welcome to live see two Porsches own race circuit my name is Sebastian and I work here as an instructor today we like to compare different chassis technologies from Porsche here is the 911 Carrera S which is fitted as standard with PTV plus the Porsche torque vectoring system the Sport Chrono Package is available as an option and as the icing on the cake in addition to PT B and Sport Chrono the white 911 Carrera S is also equipped with PD CC Porsche dynamic chassis control I excited to see how the system feel on the track join me see you soon Beadie CC porsche dynamic chassis control can be felt directly here in our corkscrew during the load change from a left to a right and bend the vehicle displays hardly any body roll which is why there is no loss of traction either the vehicle responds directly to every steering input result faster lap time the dynamic engine mounts as part of the Sport Chrono Package can now be fall directly here in our mobile 1s the complete connection of the engine transmission powertrain to the body ensures appreciably more direct cornering and of course better