Apple Charger Recall


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she deaf entire you another coaster Apple have done a recall does any put this to the side because they make a bit of noise the old apple charges when you trying to juggle six of them now look like they bear down even all the ones I got I got even more basically supposedly these are giving ppl electric shocks never experienced that myself not even sure how it happening yeah I defies comprehension to me to even understand that what kind of exactly going on there because obviously it it all made out of plastic and I know unless you kind of stick in your fingers where they shouldn be I not quite getting it but I haven actually heard of anybody complaining just out of the blue apple have done a recall now so this is an Australian plug USB and if I just take that off that bit there is the same globally than this big here changes so that the Australian version and so what I got here is one that been fixed so what it is I wait and got one replaced and I kept the others not replaced so I could do a