Honest Reviews: Breyers delights Ice Cream - Mint Chip


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what the robotics Walkman fitness hey ash tag get a little dark out there finish this shit up gotta finish this fucking video yeah it getting dark though man look at all right fuck all that this is the briars briars delights mint chocolate chip thanks Ursus mint chip get some thumbnail 1 maybe I should turn this on for thumbnail there we go alright you pretty much get these at any fucking grocery store man anywhere there briars at sugary bars the lights piñon guys don know this is basically like a halo top competitor you looking at 310 calories for the entire pint 11 grams of fat 7 grams of saturated fat 71 carbs 2 grams of fiber 21 grams so you 5 grams of added sugar 25 grams of sugar alcohol it one brand protein grams of protein fucking yeah damn I really should have put this in the microwave for fucking like 20 seconds you know you know what I don know little fuck around mint chocolate chip that much I don know why I really don like mint in my ice cream it not a fan it is pretty fucking salad man I no good