Lego Star Wars 2012 set 9493 X-Wing Starfighter review.


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Music hey guys and welcome to another 2012 Star Wars Lego edition of tour review TV on this episode I will be reviewing the new x wing set which is set number nine for 93 ages 8 to 40 and he made up of 558 pieces and the price on this here in the UK is 49 pounds and a 99 pence I will do a comparison shot with the previous x wing that was released before this one very shortly but firstly I will show you some of the things that come with this set which is this one sticker sheet which has 12 stickers on there so not so many stickers I thought with this set it comes with one manual which is this and it has the one page comic style strip in the back there where you see jet Porkins in his x wing fighter this set comes with the four minifigures you can see at the front there which will also have a good close up of those are very short they also but for now let move the x wing out of the way and our minifigures and they you can see your box