American truck Simulator Peterbilt 567 and Map Rescale!!


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hey everybody welcome back to airbrush your games art how you doing today doing great here hope you have you enjoyed your thanksgiving time for family it my favorite time of the year I really really enjoy it well here we are an American Truck Simulator get those lights off the map freescale out as you all know yeah I always at least a week late for everything because of my upload schedule at the moment solely on Saturday so yeah whatever we fine I think you enjoy this once a nice short trip moving a great big old digger this is a Peterbilt 567 mod I really really really really like this mods a great looking truck I don know who made it I don remember if you watching this video I do apologize but you did excellent work you have everything to be proud of works as advertised uses all the Peterbilt stuff it just a beautiful beautiful truck I really enjoy it so let go ahead and get this show on the road huh nice short trip because I now with the map rescale when i say short trip it a relative thing because good lord it