iPhone 7 Plus to iPhone X Review! [4K 60fps]


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hey guys faiman here with the iPhone 10 let get into it I was on the fence about getting the iPhone 10 but after going to the store back and forth I decided to give it a try right away I thought it was way too small and coming from a plus sized phone it felt cramped and narrow I needed a few days to adjust it a size difference after using it for a while not having a home button became my favorite part of this new phone does gestures are similar to the iPad and it becomes much faster to navigate around being able to flick around to exit apps and switch between them makes the experience more fluid the new iPhone also has faster touch response than the previous ones making your touches feel instant the whole phone just felt much faster even when just swiping through the homescreen I noticed my iPhone 7 plus looked laggy in comparison the edge to edge screen makes a fun filled modern new and fresh the screen quality looks better than the plus phone it was brighter outside and more vibrant overall the texts seem sharper and pictures had more