DD-GTX590 Installation on the Nvidia GTX-590


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hello everyone this is Jeremy from danger den and today which is Wednesday the 23rd we just got off the machines our GTX 590 block that Nvidia is releasing tomorrow which hopefully will be seen this video on the 24th of March and as you can see with our block this is a pretty significant pretty significant card pricing the leaked photos and such the to GPU pad areas all of the RAM and the V regs a couple other chips that need to be that are recommended to be cooled so you know this is a beast of a card as you know all right that all the pieces off of there so now we just do a clean up with some artic silver get this thing ready to go for the waterblock it good to hit all the RAM and all the viewer eggs I usually gets a little dab on here and just wipe them down this thermal paste gets everywhere okay that number one now we go ahead and follow it up with our axilla number two just to do the final cleanup and start putting on our thermal paste and thermal tape for the water