Easiest Makeup Look Ever: Natural/Everyday (Astrid Berges-Frisbey Inspired)


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hi guys so recently I got a request from Juliet India for a very natural look and she told me to kind of be inspired by Astrid Astrid Burge frisbee and I loved that idea so I did this look it so easy I tried to use very minimal products but it still very flattering and I think that anyone can do this really so I hope you like this I hope you like how natural and easy it is and so if you want to see how to get this look then please keep on watching so I gonna start off with my foundation and I going to use Chanel vital umad foundation because it very light coverage but it still gives a nice healthy look to the skin so I just gonna apply it with my fingers just to make this even easier than it already is now I just gonna apply a very light coverage of that I only put one layer on my skin because I don want it to look cakey at all so any other areas that you feel you might need more coverage go in with your concealer I going to use mac