Mike Brewer and Ant Anstead live catchup after Wheeler Dealers Series 14 Episode 1


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hi it and and state we aren we the dealers and we just want to say thank you thank you to all of you not only from me but from aunt it a we had a big night last up in a premiere of a new show here in America and it went down incredibly well we had a fantastic response from people on all of our social media feeds and we just want to reach out to you and say yeah thank you very much yeah I can only reiterate Mike said the last few months has been really critical for us we received particularly online our motive was only ever one keep this car show going and that exactly what we did and we grown thick skins and we buckled down close the workshop door and whatever car Mike put in front of me we just built we put the car first and the show has always been about the cars and last night was not tunity for part of the world to see that for the first time and the response from the guys that have seen it and the girls that have seen it is truly