Gemini jets 1:400 Delta 777-200lr review


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whats up youtube it CVG Delta flyer 757 here and I haven made a video in a while so I thought I go ahead and grab a model and unbox it today I haven even done this one yet this is one of the last orders I got to I think a couple weeks back but i decided to unbox it today and it going to be on the delta Boeing triple7 200 lr here the box starting off with I really like this model odd now the triple seven is one of my favorite aircraft my favorite aircraft a role as 737 800 or 737 900 definitely that would be mine but i love the triple seven 303 and dvrs that got to be my second favorite but here the inside of the box details on the aircraft specifications and then the inside of the box look inside inside of a box bang triple 7 200 lr gym knives real as it gets let me see when was this one released uh this was a 2012 release just a couple months ago I believe earlier this year oh that the box here we go I had to turn on